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Leaders from across the world came together to push the insights industry forward and get closer to customers. Watch the recordings, or get in touch with Voxpopme and Zappi to hear more.

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Feature Sessions

David Cancel,
CEO Drift

Think you can’t learn from a SaaS company? Think again! SaaS start-ups operate in a different …
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David Kidder,
CEO Bionic

You’ll be invited into dynamic studio spaces to connect directly with leaders, movers and shakers …
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Jennifer Saenz,
Global Chief Marketing Officer PepsiCo

The consumer landscape is always changing. Even big, iconic brands must grow and evolve or risk …
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Mimi Swain,
Chief Revenue Officer Ring

We’ve all heard of Ring, the consumer security camera. Ring has seen huge growth in recent years, …
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Eva Tsai,
Exec Director, Marketing Google Cloud

It’s easy to say “everyone in the organization owns insights.” It’s much harder to get …
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Lauren Stafford-Webb & Jean-Michel Hoffman,

Consumer research has primarily been the task of the insights team for ages. But can it be done …
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Open Mic,
Quick fire ⚡️ presentations

Angel investing, pickles, AI, knowledge management systems, horses... you name it. Learn about your …
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Kalil Vicioso,
& Melissa Gonsalves Insights in Color & CORe

What is the state of diversity in research today? What work needs to be done? Are you part of the …
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Studio Sessions


Scrappy Research Tactics

Bootstrapping: act as if you have no budget even if you do have some. But bootstrapping isn’t just about fast and low cost — it can get you to interesting new places too.

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams
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Failing Up

We’ve all heard the inspiring stories of business experimentation leading to tremendous success. We’ve heard equally as many stories of epic flame-out. The simple truth is that you don’t know which you’ll have until you try — so how do you design experiments where even failure is valuable? Hint: Think small, win big…

Karin Fenty Adobe
Karin Fenty
Sr Consumer Insights Manager
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Moving Fast with Purpose

Pace can be good. But moving fast without purpose is a recipe for disaster. In a world where we expect everything quickly, how can we better use purpose to avoid costly mistakes?

Stuart Hurley General Mills
Stuart Hurley
EUAU SRM Manager
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Leadership Everywhere

Regardless of your status or role within your organization or community, you have some amount of influence on the people and systems around you. To be a purposeful leader from any position means to understand the ecosystems around you and to harness your authentic self to spark meaningful change.

Indrani Ghosh
Global Strategy & Insights Head
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